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Expanding Profi's Retail Media Project: Now Available to All Brands and Media Agencies, After Successful Pilot with Footprints AI
Bucharest, April 23, 2024: Profi, Romania's retail network with the widest territorial expansion, and Footprints AI, ...
Profi launches the largest Retail Media Network in Romania
The modern advertising network will be launched in partnership with Footprints AI, the Romanian retail media software...
Footprints AI and First Bank: AI-Powered Conversion Rate Optimization for Mobile Banking App
First Bank (J&C Flowers & Co.) strives to provide its customers with a better customer experience and high-quality...
Footprints AI and INGKA: Driving Increased Efficiency and Profitability
INGKA, the real estate company operating the shopping centers of IKEA, was looking to improve the efficiency of their...
Auchan Romania has revolutionized the retail media industry in Romania with the launch of its Omnichannel Retail Media Network in just 3 months
Footprints AI, a cutting-edge retail media platform, was instrumental in helping Auchan Romania achieve this feat...
Revolutionizing Retail Media: How Footprints AI Helped Sonae Sierra Unlock the Power of Customer Data
Sonae Sierra is a leading European company specializing in shopping center management, and Footprints AI is an...
Footprints AI helped Premium Auto, the importer of Jaguar & Land Rover brands in Romania, achieve a 46% conversion rate across their dealership network
Premium Auto, the importer of Land Rover Jaguar in Romania, was facing a challenge in converting leads generated and...
Decreasing Cost per Visit for Mall of the Emirates Traffic with Footprints AI
Mall of the Emirates is one of the largest and most prestigious shopping centers in the Middle East, attracting more...
Boosting Customer Experience with Footprints AI for ASIROM
ASIROM has been looking to digitize their insurance products and streamline their internal processes to improve...
Banca Comerciala Romana (Erste Group Bank AG) cuts Cost per Lead by 32% with online ads targeting real-world shoppers
BCR, the most valuable financial brand in Romania, reshaped the consumer expectations by launching...
McDonald’s Romania helps mall shoppers find the right burger in the right shopping moment
Shopping malls represent not just the core of retail economics but the heart and soul of communities and...
NEPI Rockcastle saved 42% of digital marketing cost in CEE through the cloud-based Al Retail Media Platform from Footprints for Retail
NEPI Rockcastle is the premier owner and operator of shopping centers in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), with...
With Footprints, First Bank manages to achieve significant growth and enhance the bank's ongoing customer focus. That means improving our customers' experiences and offering banking products with greater financial benefits.
Anca Petcu
Chief Operating Officer, Vice President, First Bank
With Footprints, we know what our customers want and react much faster and more correctly. We have clarity on how each brand (Jaguar and Land Rover) is perceived online
Mihai Ivănescu
CEO, Land Rover & Jaguar Romania
I think Footprints for ASIROM and our customers is like having Uber's automation platform. Everything is automated and personalized by Artificial Intelligence.
Cristian Ionescu
CEO, ASIROM - Vienna Insurance Group
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