Profi launches the largest Retail Media Network in Romania

• The modern advertising network will be launched in partnership with Footprints AI, the Romanian retail media software based on one of the most advanced global technologies, and Retail Media Hub, the first major integrator of retail media services with brands and agencies on the local market.

• Estimates show that brands advertising in the Profi retail media network can expect monetization efficiency 3-5 times higher than collaborations with other advertising networks, including new media platforms - Google or Meta - and traditional media - radio or TV.

• Microsoft supports this unique project for Romania through its recognized cloud infrastructure for such large-scale projects - Microsoft Azure.

Timisoara, October 30, 2023 – Profi, the Romanian retail chain with the largest territorial expansion, launches Profi Retail Media, the first of its kind project in Romania. This is developed in partnership with Footprints AI, a Romanian technology company that develops and commercializes one of the most technologically advanced Omnichannel Retail Media solutions globally.

"Once again, our network is taking significant steps towards digitization and efficiency," says Călin Costinaș, Deputy General Manager of Profi. “With over 4,000 displays and active radio systems in all our stores, a number set to double soon, Profi provides an incomparable promotional capacity. This is now available to brands from various sectors, other than retail, seeking unprecedented coverage in Romania.”

The Retail Media Network launched by Profi is operated by Retail Media Hub (RMH), the local market leader in integrating services offered by these types of advertising networks and a promoter of innovative in-store communication solutions. RMH handles media selling, working directly with brands and media agencies, and oversees the execution of advertising campaigns.

Microsoft Romania supports this unique project through its cloud and Artificial Intelligence infrastructure, Microsoft Azure.

Retail Media Networks connect retailer consumer data with advertisers. Such networks use targeting based on retail purchasing behavior and enable the distribution of the advertising message through the retailer's media channels to deliver personalized ads both in physical stores and online.

"We are launching a unique advertising project – The Largest Retail Media Network in Romania, developed with the most advanced omnichannel targeting technology and in partnership with the local leader for monetization. We offer brands access to essential, yet anonymized data on consumer behavior in Profi stores so they can run their promotional campaigns more efficiently through our network. The over 1.2 million daily Profi customers shopping in the most extensive store network in the country will also benefit. They will receive hyper-personalized offers that meet their expectations, needs, and purchasing habits, beyond the best-priced products already on our shelves", said Cătălin Pavel, Digital & Data Director, Profi.

Footprints AI technology was chosen by Profi for its ability to successfully launch major projects in a record time of less than 3 months. Moreover, Footprints AI's proprietary technology offers an innovative approach to Retail Media advertising, promising five times more efficiency. The solution allows dynamic targeting based on the shopping behavior of Profi's in-store customers, promising a continuous improvement in the shopping experience.

Brands advertising in the Profi Retail Media Network have access to the most effective way of targeting audiences both in physical stores and online. This translates into an estimated efficiency 3-5 times higher than other advertising networks, new or traditional, including Google and Meta, radio, or TV.

"We are partnering with the largest store network in Romania and assisting in launching a unique retail media network in terms of its size and, consequently, in budget efficiency that brands will allocate for their in-store and online activations. Our advanced technologies are used by Profi to maximize the monetization of behavioral data generated by store customers. This is achieved by converting anonymous traffic from Profi locations into media audiences with predictable purchasing behavior using artificial intelligence, thus offering brands increased performance and complete visibility on sales results from advertising investments," says Dan Marc, founder and CEO, Footprints AI.

Typically, when using traditional advertising tools, retailers monetize a maximum of 15% of the data they have about customers. With the Footprints AI solution, the Profi Retail Media Network offers access to the consumer behavior of all customers in an anonymized manner, allowing brands and media agencies to directly access the network to deliver effective advertising messages to these audiences.

"With their fast evolution in the recent years, retail and media networks have reached an intersection shaping the future of the advertising industry. Thus, we have developed a media ecosystem, both physical and digital, that helps brands connect with shoppers in more relevant moments and in more personalized ways. This innovative media network allows brands to explore new territories and adapt more quickly to changes in consumer behavior. In this way, the advertising campaigns run in this context have the potential to reach an unprecedented level of efficiency in the market.", says Cosmin Rădoi, co-founder, Retail Media Hub.

By interpreting behavioral data with the help of artificial intelligence, automatic targeting, and the combined capabilities of this partnership, the Profi Retail Media Network estimates it will generate efficiencies in media budget allocation up to five times higher for brands using this system.

About Profi

With 28,000 employees in 1,667 own and partner stores in over 800 urban and rural locations, Profi is the largest private employer in Romania. PROFI SUPER, PROFI CITY, PROFI GO, and PROFI LOCO, the four store formats of the network, offer a range of 5,000 products appreciated by over 1.2 million daily customers. Over 94% of these products come from Romanian suppliers. The network's turnover of RON 11.7 billion ranks the company third in the Romanian retail sector.

About Footprints AI

Footprints AI is a Romanian technology startup that develops and commercializes one of the most advanced retail media platforms globally, offering a simple and extremely accessible way of converting anonymous traffic into profitable customers for physical retailers with the help of advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. The solution is already used by top-notch retailers globally, such as Rimi Baltic (the market leader in the Baltic countries), Lagardère (operator of the inmedio and 1-minute brands), INGKA (owner of the shopping centers where the IKEA brand operates), Majid Al Futtaim (one of the top retail owners and operators in the UAE), Auchan, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, and others.

About Retail Media Hub

Retail Media Hub is a company specialized in integrated in-store media services. The company brings together experts in marketing, sales, media, and in-store communication to design and implement a more efficient connection between brands and consumers at the point of sale, where purchase decisions are made in almost 70% of situations. The company's goal is to design and develop a „figital” ecosystem (both physical and online) that helps brands connect with buyers in the most effective way, while simultaneously offering an enhanced shopping experience.

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