McDonald’s Romania helps mall shoppers find the right burger in the right shopping moment

McDonald’s Romania approached Footprints as the main supplier for offline retail shopping behavior data in Romania in order to deliver highly personalised digital marketing campaigns to increase foot traffic and tap into new audiences for their products. Explore this case study and see how, by switching to Footprints for advanced programmatic advertising capabilities, McDonald’s Romania managed to:

  • Increase foot traffic in their stores by 24% during low traffic hours
  • Decrease their cost per visit by 45% against their benchmark cost
  • Generate an affinity score of 72% for posts deployed through Footprints

“This new type of advertising is closer to our sweet spot audience: young, very dynamic people that ind the best possible burger at the perfect moment. We have seen a large benefit in reaching people nearby our restaurants, clearly improving our time from targeting to conversion”. Ramona Ciocodei Communications Manager, McDonald’s Romania

Find out how McDonald's managed to increase their foot traffic by 45% during their low traffic hours

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