McDonald’s Romania helps mall shoppers find the right burger in the right shopping moment

Shopping malls represent not just the core of retail economics but the heart and soul of communities and a social oasis that provides, first of all, shoppable entertainment.

With a passion for constantly bridging the gap between good products and good experiences, McDonald's Corporation is well aware that a shopping mall’s way to a consumer’s heart is through his favourite food.

McDonald's Romania operates a network of 60 restaurants in 20 cities in Romania and has over 4,000 employees. In the 24 years of presence on the Romanian market, the company has invested about 500 million euros in network development and has had almost 1 billion customers.


  • the launch of a new range of burger products with premium meat content
  • creating a one-to-one relationship with the customer not only by delivering a highly targeted ad experience but also by converting the wanted audience directly towards the restaurants where the products where available


Web - Mobile Devices - Mobile Apps


  • OMD Romania, together with McDonald's Romania, approached Footprints for Retail as the go-to strategy, being the main suppliers in Romania for offline retail shopping behavior data which can be acted upon through advertising (Footprints for Retail)
  • Footprints for Retail is the Romanian intelligence software that empowers retail innovators to reach their customers where it matters, understanding a shopper’s micro-moments and also helping them achieve the i-want-to-but-moment in their purchase decision by collecting and analizing data from 60% of all mobile devices that are owned by active shoppers in Romania
  • Footprints for Retail can use this data to create substantial real-world shopping behavior segments & use them for multi-channel advertising with a focus on mobile advertising & omnichannel customer journey targeting


The main strategy was to identify & reach audiences that have an active life style and are in the right proximity (distance and time) to be converted directly towards the restaurants where the products where available so our first step was to start looking for life style and life stage segments by using tracking data from all shopping malls we are active in. We collected specific shopping interests like brands and categories and we applied our Machine Learning to identify segments based on their Propensity to Buy. Thus, being able to understand and envision how likely they are to buy the new McDonald's products.

Because we believe that best is not good enough, we wanted to discover how likely they are to be at shopping during the campaign hours. Focusing on using shopping preferences like when they usually come shopping, we understood their Propensity to Visit and then used these targeting filters to reach audiences to be found on all channels of relevance for this campaign: web, mobile devices, apps.

“This new type of advertising is closer to our sweet spot audience: young very dynamic people that find the best possible burger at the perfect moment. We have seen a very clear benefit of reach the people nearby and have the shortest conversion time from targeting to sales." Ramona Ciocodei, Communications Manager, McDonald's Romania

"We chose Footprints for Retail in conjunction with the best available online media in order to generate an end-to-end customer journey. The conversion rate of this campaign and the real-world insights we could access from offline data showed us that this new type of profiling and segmentation might represent the final piece in our award-winning omnichannel strategy." Lucian Enculescu, Digital Manager, OMD EMEA


  • COST EFFICIENCY:  the campaign GREW BY 24% THE TRAFFIC during low traffic hours and DECREASED BY 45% THE COST PER VISIT, thus in terms of breadth and frequency of exposure achieving a very productive efficiency.
  • INCREASED RELEVANCY: through the advanced behavioral profiling and better segmentation based on advanced insights, the campaign was precisely targeted to specific audiences while they were shopping inside the shopping mall. The message and the moment reached an AFFINITY SCORE OF 72%.

Find out how McDonald's managed to increase their foot traffic by 45% during their low traffic hours

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