The first AI Operating System for Retail Properties & Retailers Is now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Bucharest – May 18, 2021 – Deep tech marketing software company and CEE leader in Shopper Intelligence, Footprints for Retail announces the listing of its AI operating system on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace under the “Preferred Solution” status. This means the product in its full version is included in Microsoft`s trusted solutions catalog, a very special category, and that it can now be easily purchased by retailers and property owners around the world.

In a rapidly shifting environment due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of the online shopping in the last decade, physical retail has seen multiple challenges. The issues regarding the lack of financial stability and predictability experienced lately by property owners are now being answered by using a truly groundbreaking physical to digital data fusion AI technology.

Footprints finally solves the seamless merging of shoppers` real-world behavior with their digital profiles. The deep tech company is using its innovative proprietary AI technology to enable retail property owners & retailers to predict and influence all interactions with their physical shoppers, inside and outside retail properties, by orchestrating omnichannel marketing campaigns.

This novel AI technology is made possible through high-precision anonymous indoor tracking, omnichannel behavioral profiling & predictions. The result is Indoor Location Intelligence, the key to the next level shopper marketing.

After several months of tight collaboration and ideas exchange between both parties’ specialists, Microsoft has now included Footprints for Retail in its cloud platform promoting it as the trusted solution from a trusted partner.

This is one step further towards the Footprints` mission to sculpt the way deep tech impacts physical space keeping it relevant and to enable every retail property owner to capitalize on the rise of the AI.

In the last years Microsoft accelerated its position as the leading visionary for the digital transformation of the global enterprise by investing unprecedented resources into supporting innovative technologies like Footprints.

Today, as we have Footprints listed with the preferred solution label on Azure Marketplace, we once again confirm our commitment to use our resources and technology to help retailers and retail property investors to bridge the divide between their spaces and the digital realm for better profits, better yields and more resilience. The current pandemic demonstrated without a doubt that retail can survive and even thrive only through AI & data. And Footprints has just become our trusted partner to provide exactly this.” mentioned Alina Irma Orban, Ad-Interim General Manager, Microsoft Romania.

The fact that Microsoft decided to engage so many various resources in this partnership is a confirmation that we share a similar vision on the future of physical retail. This is the vision where AI and data will shape the way shoppers will search and shop in the real-world. There is no doubt that location still matters. What we offer today is the transformation of location data with AI so physical retailers can use this data to predict and influence what their shoppers want. With Footprints we address all digital transformation requirements for the retail properties, both physical and digital. We consider Footprints to be the very first AI operating system for shopping centers.”, said Dan Marculescu, founder and CEO at Footprints for Retail.

About Footprints for Retail

Footprints for Retail is one of the leading deep tech companies in the offline to online space. Its mission is to offer an intuitive AI operating system designed to analyze, predict, and manage all interactions with physical shoppers, both inside and outside retail properties. These unique capabilities are delivered by a unique blend of people (serial entrepreneurs, retail asset managers, retail technologists, data scientists, data engineers, physicians, programmers & product managers) with a single mission to deliver the next-gen retail model breakthrough.

Footprints’ proprietary AI has analyzed and predicted more than 500 million shopping visits to date. The company has already enabled multiple leading retail property owners and Tier 1 retailers across Europe to deeply understand shopping habits, to predict their future behavior and to influence sales with multichannel marketing campaigns.

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You can also try for free and directly purchase our AI Operating System on the Azure Marketplace.

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About Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace is the online store for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure, connecting companies seeking innovative, cloud-based solutions with partners who have developed ready-to-use solutions.

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