HOW TO Choose your marketing objective from the predefined recipes – Measure Visitors Satisfaction

Footprints for Retail is the most advanced marketing automation tool that enables shopping centers for the first time ever to address audiences based on behavioral data generated within the shopping center.

Within Footprints for Retail, you have the possibility to choose from our pre-designed Campaign Automation recipes which are configured to address specific commercial real estate business objectives. You are able to choose from 11 automated marketing recipes.

In this HOW TO section you will find out more about the Measure Visitor Satisfaction marketing objective.

While running your marketing campaign, you may easily get caught up in website traffic numbers, conversion rates, ROI and other similar metrics that indicate how well you have engaged with your audience until now. But if you are interested in the future growth of your business and want to measure the appreciation of your shoppers, the Measure Visitor Satisfaction campaign allows you to ask for their feedback to better meet their needs and expectations.

This particular campaign type is using the Net Promoter Score collection form (including an automatically created landing page) to collect the rating from specific audiences like people that just left the shopping center or just left a certain tenant. Tracking how likely your customers are to recommend your business after interacting with your services or products is an essential step towards a better customer-driven culture, providing you with highly valuable insights into your shopper’s needs and interests, as well as the obstacles that may interfere in this process. You may use the data generated by NPS to track business performance over time, classify your audience based on their feedback and run future marketing campaigns.

Note: This recipe is currently being updated and will be available soon.

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